Friday, June 3, 2011

Are Inventors And Scientists God's Chosen People?
by Alexa Ferotina

For whatever reason, science sometimes has a bad name. Maybe it has to do with religion and faith. Religion and faith, relies on a "leap of faith," which, of course, is why they call it faith, not fact.

Proven facts based on research, often double-blind research constitute the elements of science. Oddly enough, I happen to be a person of faith, but I guess my theory of faith, and there being a higher power is a bit different than many. I do not look at God as a big force in the sky scrutinizing our every move, to then decide where we go when we die.

My concept of life and death may not be so mainstream, but to me it is common sense and it works for me. People who understand the importance of life and the importance of quality of life, have tapped into something bigger than themselves.

As I continue to observe life, I feel as though God working through man/or woman in science, politics, medicine, and yes, even law. Of course I have seen the opposite work in all these arenas and more, but I tend to believe that is man's own free will and nothing to do with religion or lack thereof.

Recently, I came across an invention on the Internet that is patent-pending, created by cartoonist Rick London. I have known him since my university masters work, always knew he was a cartoonist, but the discovery of his being an inventor was a pleasant surprise.

Rick London may or may not have found God. When I knew him years ago he was searching, but having kept up with him, I know he is keenly aware of a higher-power, though he claims he cannot explain it. He feels similarly as I do and he does not take credit for the invention. He simply said, "Like my cartooning, I simply tap into something much bigger than me. My feeling is that it is God, but I couldn't guarantee you. I just know when I was not tapped into that power, nothing like this ever happened." He told me he prays a great deal, but is not one to force his religious views onto others.

We have all seen the medical alert device with the commercial "Help I've fallen and I can't get up." Rick London's Insert Alert makes that obsolete. It is worn as jewelry, can be worn anywhere in the world, does not require a button to be pushed, is fully computerized/automated, dials the nearest 9-1-1 anywhere in the world, has satellite tracking, stores medical records, the wearer can be unconscious and it still does the work, even monitors vital signs and oxygen proximity. I have never seen anything quite so amazing.

And if that is not incredible enough, the device even calls 9-1-1 if the wearer has a medical emergency and is not aware of it. Thousands if not tens of thousands of heart attacks, are ignored and thought to be indigestion. But not with this device. It even knows the difference, even if the wearer does not, and dials the nearest 9-1-1.

I truly feel the West Virginia shootings would have minimal at most, the minute the students were lined up. If even one was wearing the device, his/her blood pressure would have risen high enough to alert the nearest emergency unit. It is very possible not one shooting would have occurred. And I won't even begin to start with the number of kidnapped and/or tortured soldiers in Iraq. It is an amazing device and I surely hope it makes it to the market soon. This device can be utilized by so many persons in so many walks of life.

The NSAT website has a quote by IBM Sr. Engineer, Dr. Andrew Beiler, praising the invention. That does not happen often, I'm told, for a new inventor, such as Rick London.

In an email last week, Rick London told me he will be trying out for American Inventor next week to raise the funds to build the device.

One does not need a vivid imagination to think of all the lives this will save, from military to hunters, to hikers to skiers to the elderly, to anyone, I think, this is what I mean by God working through humans. It appears Rick London has tapped into that theory and uses it wisely. This man, Rick London, should be commended. It shows a deep caring of the human race to spend that much time and brainpower to invent such a device. I salute this man.

Cartoonist/entrepreneur and inventor Rick London has already built the most popular offbeat cartoon site on the Internet, Londons Times Cartoons. Now he's created the most amazing emergency alert device ever conceived, Insert Alert. ( To see Insert Alert Powerpoint Presentations Click Here


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