Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creating Character Education in Schools

by Bob Johnson

Character education in schools is where most children will probably develop their character. To paraphrase one educator, character education in schools is making a concentrated effort to advance beneficial qualities that are both good for the person or child and also for society in general. So if the child cannot get these qualities in the home then they will have to acquire them elsewhere.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Where to Find Character Education Teacher Resources

If a teacher wants to find character education teacher resources they may search the Internet for resources. There are a lot of websites that come up when you do a search on character education teacher resources. There are also a number of schools who have created an environment where a person can access character education teacher resources. These schools are actively encouraging teachers to join in the effort to teach character development of children so these children make better decisions, can tell right from wrong or exhibit positive social behaviors to name a few.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Are Design Thinking Courses Right For You?

So you’ve heard the term thrown around before. Design Thinking. Courses in Design Thinking. It sounds cool, doesn’t it? New. Cutting edge.
But before you sign up for that design thinking course, it’s best to know what you’re really getting into. Not that design thinking isn’t a good thing, or that design thinking courses can’t help you and your business out tremendously—they can. But blindly running into the fray like a headless chicken never really helped anyone.
Here are the basics:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Words of the Day

Here are several wise words that might help you, my dedicated readers, to think about.

Remember that what's right is not always popular and what's popular is not always right (Anonim)

If you want to do something and you feel it in your bones that's the right thing to do, do it!. Intuition is often as important as the acts (Anonim)

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out (James B. Conant)

Living Well for Longer: Good Nutrition for Longevity and Good Health

by Jim Duffy

In the United States, the average life expectancy is 78; the worldwide life expectancy is slightly lower at 67. However, in Okinawa, the life expectancy is 81 and higher. Research indicates the reason for this is fairly simple: they eat a better diet. In another location, this time the San Blas Islands which are located off of the coast of Panama, high blood pressure and heart disease are very rare (9 in 100,000 compared to 83 per 100,000 in Panama's mainland). (Source: Jaret)

The difference between the Okinawans and the San Blas Islands residents is not genetic or some special medical treatment, it is their diet that keeps them healthier and stronger for far longer than their peers. In the United States, that same benefit is seen in the Seventh Day Adventists who typically eat a vegetarian diet and live, on average, four to seven years longer than those in the same community.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leadership Personalities: Laid Back, Hesitant or Avoider?

By: Sylvia Lafair 

Jack was a boss who loved to let his leadership team tussle with issues and come to him when they had solved the problem. Often this worked. However when the team came to a stand still, when they had heels dug in and no solutions in site they would ask for his input.  Jack was a boss who loved to let his leadership team tussle with issues and come to him when they had solved the problem. Often this worked. However when the team came to a stand still, when they had heels dug in and no solutions in site they would ask for his input.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life Purpose: How To Be in Love with Life

by Bernice Lupo

Falling In Love with Life
There is no feeling in the world like the feeling of energized, on purpose living.
Have you ever been in love? You smile easily, you lie in bed for a little longer in the morning letting yourself dream and everything you do seems to have more color, more depth. That’s a lot how it is when your life is doing what you know it should be.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Laws of Attraction Are Mysterious and Uncontrollable Submitted

Some crushes are inappropriate but excusable. For example, you may find yourself doing a double take when someone from the sales department walks past. He may be cute but it's not a good idea to admit you have a thing for him, because you work with him. And because he's a salesman. Still, at least he's hot. What happens when you find yourself going weak in the head for somebody who really is not in the slightest bit nice to look at?  Funny Guys
It's vaguely understandable when the object of your crush is attractive in other ways - for example, he could be funny. Take American talk-show host Conan O'Brien. (I would.) He looks a bit like Tilda Swinton, only more unsettling. He has ginger hair. He has no discernible eyebrows. He's about nine feet tall and can't weigh more than 65kg. But every time he gives the double thumbs up, grins into the camera and says 'Buddy boy,' I want to jump his bones. Funny is so sexy that it can make up for there being no actual sexy present at all.