Friday, July 22, 2011

Where to Find Character Education Teacher Resources

If a teacher wants to find character education teacher resources they may search the Internet for resources. There are a lot of websites that come up when you do a search on character education teacher resources. There are also a number of schools who have created an environment where a person can access character education teacher resources. These schools are actively encouraging teachers to join in the effort to teach character development of children so these children make better decisions, can tell right from wrong or exhibit positive social behaviors to name a few.

There is a list of character development traits on some of the websites that a teacher could use as a guideline in the classroom lessons. There are also lists of discussion topics and suggestions on how to conduct character education. Some topics but certainly not all of them would be to have the students have actual input into decisions that affect them. They may not be able to do this at home but in a classroom situation they may be able to make actual decisions such as how much they may choose to read versus not reading.

Or perhaps they can make a decision as what they would like to have for lunch if presented with different choices. Then when they have made their choices the teacher could start a discussion as to why they made those decisions and what the child thinks the expected outcome might be. For example, if a child chooses to have a high fat meal then the discussion could center on self discipline and controlling their impulses. Then the discussion could veer towards the implications of a high fat diet such as obesity. Then the discussion could be about responsibility to the self and what those actions will do to society as a whole. Negative and positive thoughts could be discussed and then the teacher could go toward suitable positive and responsible social behavior and the repercussions of a negative social behavior.

If one does an Internet search they may be surprised just how many resources actually are available online. They may also be surprised just how many schools are actively engaging in joining in teaching character education and including it in the spare classroom time or as extra curriculum after school.

A character building session may center on more personal things for a child such as being responsible and choosing the right friends. These are friends that would also have strong character and beliefs in what is right and wrong rather than friends who have the best iPod or wear the right clothes. This too is a character building exercise for a child. If they have to discuss what is important to them in friends they may find they can make choices and don’t have to follow the crowd. In fact, almost any situation where children interact is a chance to start a character building session and carry on a discussion. This will help instill values as well as give a child choices.

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