Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home Schooling Learning History
by Owen Jones

Do you consider that spending time in traditional classrooms is a waste of time? For many people, that is probably true. For instance, a test is due and the pupils are told to memorize a list of dates and names. However, after taking the exam, they will definitely forget 90% of those dates and names. That's what the majority of students do every time they have exams. If you are one of these people, you will find traditional history lessons boring, so home schooling, which focuses more on the history of the world, will surely interest you more.

Simple memorization by rote is just not enough to realize the importance of historically famous people and fateful events. However, through home schooling in history, you can study the different cultures of the past in a unique, but interesting way - that is your own way! By the study of history, you will also understand the situation of the world today.

However, if you consider that home schooling is the most effective method for your child's education, you should also be prepared to undertake some responsibilities. As there will be no teacher present 'on site,' you will have to oversee your child's educational progress by yourself.

Let's say your child supports a particular sport. You could combine history and home schooling by just hanging a map on the wall of your child's bedroom and mark the location of his favourite sports team. Make sure that you track all the team's games, scores, activities and schedules. Then, you could return to history lessons by reading biographies of the different athletes, who had been famous in the particular sport that your child follows. Aside from that, you can also examine the history of that specific sport and discover where it originated, its inventor, and the other things happening in that particular time in history.

For example, if your child follows baseball, you can teach your child about the history baseball, government hearings on the use of steroids and other favourite hobbies at that period in time. Just remember that you can adapt this concept to any interest like dancing, cars or any invention. You can also have conversations with your child about current events or read interesting historical documents and other books. Apart from that, you can also watch documentaries together with the rest of the family. There are various resources that you can use in home schooling, like TV, maps, newspapers, books, a globe, an atlas, and encyclopedias. Due of the exciting adventures that you and your child will read about and see on film, he/she will find it easier to remember the names and dates of the history lessons. After all, learning is better when it is done in a fun way.

These methods are advisable if the child is still young, however when your child gets older, you must choose a home schooling program that is suitable to his/her particular age group. The programs are pitched at the elementary, high school, and even college levels. You just have to search online for these different programs. One good thing about these programs is that you can tailor them to suit the interests of your child. However, you have to ensure that all the lessons are studied by your child.

After you and your child decide to give home schooling a go, you will have to be ready to endure some changes in your lifestyle. The learning will now take place in your home not at a remote school and through the various resources that you want to use, which should include a computer and the Internet.

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