Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time Management Questionaire Are You Willing to Move Ahead ?

Time management. Being more effective at your workplace and place of employment as well as being more efficient and effective overall.
Yet many people express great interest in the concepts of time management , yet most lose interest entirely when they find out that they may well have to work differently ,even if only a little. It seems the work habits of a lifetime are ingrained and die hard. These workers want to change their level of results without changing their actions. Unfortunately in the work and business climate of 2011 that is not usually possible.
Here is a short quiz to help determine if you really are good and ready to change your work habits to make better use of your precious time.

Questions in this brief quiz can be answered yes, no or even “some of the time” or “sometimes”.
1) When you get an idea for a change in your actions, do you try it right away?
2) After deciding to make a change in your routines, do you consider all the side effects carefully?
3) If others offer you feedback on your actions, do you conscientiously consider the comment or let it roll off your back?
4) When you do spot a work pattern that you admire in someone else, do you try to imitate, emulate or even reverse engineer back that process or procedure?
5) Once you start to make a change in work habits do you see it through to it full and final completion and culmination
6) Do you “advertise” or even announce the changes that you want or wish to make to close friends and associates
7) Do you try to anticipate the problems and backsliding you may well run into as you change or attempt to incorporate and include your updates
8) As a personal question and review of stick-to-it-ness – look back at time to January of this year. Did you try hard enough in keeping and implementation of your chosen New Year’s resolutions and personal promises?
9) Do you appreciate previous changes you have made successfully
10) Lastly do you make changes in work routines both slowly and steadily, a little at a time pushing consistently and regularly forwards and onwards in a straight line?
Now that you have completed the above questionnaire it is time to add up and evaluate your score and rankings.
The rules to follow are: score two sometimes answers as a yes. If you scored yes.
- Three times : Then you need to become more conscious of the advantages available from changes toward greater effectiveness
- Six times: You are probably ready now to accept a sufficient level of change in order to improve your effectiveness and efficiency at your job and workplace overall
- Nine times: You can count yourself as both lucky and in a privileged position and mindset. You can basically consider yourself to be part of the very small subset that is ready to move ahead in life and their productivity overall. You are very open to beneficial change and can in all likelihood and probability make great and rapid progress toward more effective behavior on the job and job-site.
Change is only change for the better if it both results in enhancements in final productivity and better output with less mistakes through better systems overall. Always remember that and remember it’s worth the risks to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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