Friday, August 12, 2011

Overcoming Depression and Staying That Way

By: Carl Clark

Why do people become depressed? There are some acceptable reasons behind the depression of people such as health problems, a break up, death of a loved one or even financial difficulties. It is really horrible that a person gets to experience these kinds of things. If you are currently in one of these situations, do not feel hopeless for overcoming depression is possible. Yes, there is no quick solution for overcoming depression. However, there is a feasible one.

They say that only change is permanent, and this is true, even when it comes to depression. Depression does not spell the end of the world. And the best part about overcoming depression is that you can relax while doing it. And when you do relieve yourself from all the melancholy, you may start working on the positive things in your life. Gone are the days of staying in the dark and pushing your self to remember each sad thought over and over again.
So what is the real source of depression? Majority of the people believe that depression is brought about by a current difficult situation. Actually it is the exact opposite. The main cause is depression is not the situation itself. Rather, depression happens when the person devotes too much of his attention in the thing that gives him pain. True, events like these can really make a person feel lonely but it should not be grounds for self-destruction.  
Depression can be compared to a lethal trap because when you fall at deeper levels of depression, there may just be no way out. Therapy, anti-depressants or any other means for overcoming depression will not work anymore. The depressed people would rather go for other methods that will temporarily get them out of their depressed state such as alcohol, drugs or anything else that will divert their attention from awareness. But the downside is that these methods will not be of help and may even worsen the situation. So, if these things do not work, what is the real solution for overcoming depression? It is not any physical method. In fact, it is very simple that you would not need to lift a finger to do it. However, it is not what people expect it to be. The real answer to overcome your depression is to remove any attention you give to the thing, place or event that makes you miserable. It is not about escaping your problems. Rather, it is all about focusing in the good things in life " optimism. It is always a liberating feeling when you are free from any type of depression. Once you choose to free yourself and release any tension that you feel, your depression will slowly fade away. This is achievable through working on more productive and fun things that will make you feel great inside. It is a fact that overcoming depression will be hard at its initial stages. However, as you progress with the process and you soon neglect all the things that bring you loneliness, you will be more satisfied in life.

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