Friday, January 13, 2012

What makes us better and greater then what we are?

by Adam Peters

This article emphasizes on the most important phenomenon of life, the pursuit of excellence and perfection. It also throws light on what brought Spartans to extinction, which gives you a better idea on what this article is all about.  The 'Spartan' word gives the meaning as austere, frugal or simple. It is dedicated to one city in Greece. The people of this city left the world with an excellent lesson on what does pursuit of excellence mean. They however focused mostly on military ability and that became the reason for their extinction. In ancient Greece pursuit of excellence was pertained in many numbers of skills.

Think about what is the whole generation of today is running after? Only money, worldly pleasures, fame, and the list go on and on. Isn't it? Sadly it is. People today have gone so busy running after these processions which are of damn least importance. They don't even realize what actual goal of life should be? People today have lost the true sense of humour to realize what exactly the greatness is.

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But, the Spartans lived in another manner. They were so very concentrated in achieving greatness that they even decorated their homes sparsely. They just kept moving forward in achieving true greatness that they just kept themselves strictly away from all the worldly and unnecessary stuff. They reached the extreme height of greatness to an extent when they dominated the Greek world.

Imagine a person who has acknowledged many things but didn't share with anyone and died. He not only died himself but also brought all that knowledge that he had to die with him.

Let's come back to Spartans; here also happened the same thing. The Spartans slowly disappeared and their dominance came to an end more prior than expected. They ended up giving the world an extremely important lesson and nothing else. All their greatness ended with them.

Families, art, culture, recreation, are also important pursuits in ones life. But, unfortunately these pursuits were pretty ignored by Spartans. They concentrated on military perfection so much that they ended up missing many important pursuits of life. War politics and athletics were given the first priority to and other things like music and arts became secondary.

The Spartans isolated themselves and did not even allow others to mingle among them. This kept them away from the rest of the societies, and this also kept the world away from their pursuit to greatness. Likewise, none others in this world understood what all stuff they took embedded into their hearts and minds. They simply came to extinction and left nothing for others to follow their foot steps.

Remember, we should not be Spartans. We should not only improve ourselves from good to better to best in terms of pursuit of excellence and greatness but should also concentrate on other responsibilities. There are many such things in this world which need equal importance in life.

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